What we do

We increase public sector performance by combining scientific knowledge with hands-on experience

The Public Sector Capacity Center (PSC2) is a research consultancy organization focused on the performance improvement of the public sector and the various government, non-profit, civil society and private organizations operating therein.

We assess, recommend and fix to provide practical and lasting solutions.

PSC2 provides the following services:

  • We conduct performance assessments of organizations, sector-wide service delivery and government-wide functions and systems;
  • We provide advisory services to improve organization, sector and system performance;
  • We provide performance monitoring and evaluation tools for measuring impacts and results from performance improving interventions;
  • We design tailor-made performance measurement methods and tools for clients;
  • We conduct comparative research to further understand the drivers and obstacles of effective performance improvement.

We work everywhere to increase our understanding of systems and organizations in all contexts

PSC2 provides these services internationally to clients across the world and our consultants have extensive experience in the developed world, emerging economies and fragile or post-conflict states alike.

We believe in a systemic approach to provide practical and sustainable performance improvement

PSC2 is focused on delivering practical, effective and sustainable performance improvements by approaching performance as a systemic result, as public services are nor not delivered by organizations in a vacuum. The characteristics of the system as a whole affect performance levels and these characteristics influence what performance improvement initiatives can be successful and which not. This systemic approach is a cornerstone of the PSC2 services.



Public Sector Capacity Center

Contact: P.J.Blokstraat 21, Leiden

Phone: + 31 6 224 76 551

Email: info@psc2.nl

CoC no: 57900590