Our services

PSC2 provides three categories of services: assessment, advisory and research. In addition, we provide tailor-made services on client demand that combine services from these categories or which lie outside those defined here.


Assessment services

PSC2 provides a number of assessment tools and services to increase different aspects of performance in the public sector. These tools were developed by us. These include:

Organizational and sector performance assessment and improvement:

  • Kaleidoscan, a deep analytical and assessment tool with quantified benchmark measurements for assessing overall performance and the inputs to such performance;

Civil service training system assessment and improvement:

  • PIM, a specialized assessment tool for assessing and improving performance of civil service training systems.


Advisory services

PSC2 staff has extensive experience in advising client on how to improve the performance of their organization and/or the sector. We support the entire cycle from strategy and design to subsequent implementation and adjustment. Below are a number of examples of our typical assignments:


  • Strategy formulation and strategic planning;
  • Result based management implementation;
  • Policy development and coordination;
  • Designing and strengthening civil service training systems;
  • Strategic HR practices and systems design;
  • Government-wide systems and functions design and implementation;
  • Training, coaching and other HRD services;
  • Organizational development (process design, functional development, oversight mechanisms);
  • Organizational restructuring (mergers, right-sizing, decentralization).

Research services

PSC2 provides comparative research services based on the project experiences of PSC2 and its consultants. Some of these services include:


  • Preparing of comparative research reports;
  • Testing of hypotheses with the Kaleidoscan and PSC2 Kaleidoscan database;
  • Systems modelling;
  • Conducting of special research projects with partner organizations on client demand.


Public Sector Capacity Center

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Email: info@psc2.nl

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