Our Partners

Dutch Academic Services 

The Netherlands has been in the forefront of innovation and competitiveness for centuries, it hosts a dense and interconnected network of academia, knowledge centres, enterprises and educational institutions. DACS stands for Dutch Academic  Services. We develop training and development programmes for professionals from emerging economies. We are also partner for capacity building and institutional development in these countries. DACS uses the Dutch public domain as an example for reform, as the Dutch public sector – internationally acclaimed for it’s ‘polder model’ and efficient administration – is currently undergoing unprecedented reforms and restructuring itself. This makes it’s executives, professors and trainers prominent partners to learn from. 

Dutch Academic Services provides learning and development programmes within the following fields of excellence, (international) governance, education, security, logistics and high-tech research in: agriculture, water management and design.

Center for international legal cooperation

The Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) promotes the rule of law by initiating and implementing international legal cooperation projects. We bring together legal experts from different countries to work out solutions for a variety of challenges within developing legal systems. We are based in The Hague and our current work spans dozens of countries in development and in transation in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 

CILC has direct access to prominent members of the Dutch judiciary, to the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, and to law faculties in the Netherlands. The CILC Council of partners includes representatives of Dutch law faculties, the Council for the Judiciary, the Board of Prosecutors-General, the Netherlands Bar Association, the Dutch Association for the Judiciary, the Royal Association of Judicial Officers and other professional bodies and specialised institutions whose work is relevant to our mission. Thus, CILC represents the entire legal community of the Netherlands, from which we draw extensive and coherent input of expertise for our projects.

PBLQ, Dutch Institute for Public Adminstration

PBLQ, the Dutch Institute for Public Administration, supports public administrations worldwide to excel in public value creation. PBLQ strengthens the core business of the public sector through consultancy, education, research and innovation.

The public sector is in transition. It needs innovation to ensure smarter organisations and more efficient processes to meet today’s societal challenges. PBLQ serves a wide range of organisations in the Dutch and occasionally international public sector. Internationally, PBLQ has extensive experience with projects for multilateral donor organizations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank. We are also contracted directly by national governments, as well as by bilateral funding agencies such as the KfW Development Bank Germany. PBLQ employs more than 100 professionals who are committed to the advancement of the public sector

The Mobile Educator Foundation

The Mobile Educator (TME) offers ‘professional development’ training courses to teachers from Syria and other countries in the Middle East to make them well acquainted with Dutch education.

Central in our courses are modern educational methods, like active learning and the use of ICT in education. Additionally, we help our Syrian colleagues to rebuild their network in Education.

Objectives of The Mobile Educator:

  • TME programs and initiatives are aimed at teachers or other educational professionals from the Middle East. They are currently in the asylum application procedure, or recognized as a refugee. 
  • TME supports colleagues to get to work as soon as possible in their original field. 
  • At the same time TME wants to support TME alumni to create scenarios and set up initiatives to help build a new innovative knowledge and educational infrastructure in the Middle East, based on democratic values. 
  • Key message of TME: the appeal on educational professionals’ own strength and talent to begin building a new life in the Netherlands.




Public Sector Capacity Center

Contact: P.J.Blokstraat 21, Leiden

Phone: + 31 6 224 76 551

Email: info@psc2.nl

CoC no: 57900590