About Us

PSC2 is a research consultancy organization that conducts traditional consultancy and advisory work as well as research-oriented work. We conduct research to increase our understanding of organizations in different institutional ecologies and to uncover the dynamics affecting organizational and sectoral performance. Based on research results, we design innovative tools and methodologies to provide effective solutions for our clients.

PSC2 was founded by the two practitioners with extensive experience in the design and implementation of consultancy projects in different contexts around the world. Observing the recurrence of structural issues impeding organizational performance improvement and the recurring failure to adequately address such issues as they often complex, cross-jurisdictional or politically sensitive to address, these consultants decided to develop their own systemic assessment methodology, the Kaleidoscan. The establishment of PSC2 as a platform for further research and consultancy work came soon after.

We are driven to achieve performance solutions that work for organizations in their context.


Our experts

Arjen van Ballegoyen – Director

Marc van den Muyzenberg – Director

Berry Straver – CTO

Arjen is one of the founding members of PSC2. Before launching PSC2, he worked as a consultant for over 15 years.

He specializes in all aspects of strategy planning in the public and semi-public sector, ranging from strategy and policy development and HRM training efforts in order to implement the strategic plan. He has a proven affinity for turning strategy into action, focusing on practical and sustainable implementation strategies that include organizational design as well as budgeting and other support functions. He holds a degree in law (LL.M) from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (1993-1997) and a degree in International Economics and International Relations (M.A.) from the Johns Hopkins University, USA (1998-2000).

Key competences and experience

Competencies: Public sector reform; Policy formulation and coordination; Strategic planning; Center of Government reform; Performance meassurement; Organisational development and change management; Competence-based HRM; Training & curriculum development; project management. 

Country experience: United Arab Emirates, France, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Croatia and Kazakhstan. 


Marc holds a Master in History of Leiden University. He was twice awarded a research scholarship at the Collegium Budapest for Advanced Studies.

Marc has worked as researcher and lecturer at Leiden University, he was director of the Dutch Institute for Public Administration (ROI), after merging ROI he was executive board member of the newly established organiastion for development and digitalization: PBLQ (2008-2013). He established PSC2 and Dutch Academic Services in 2013. He is chairman of the Mobile Educator Foundation, and associate consultant for PBLQ and CILC. 

He has over 20 years experience in initiating and delivering programmes and initiatives intersecting public sector, education and private business. He has in-depth experience and knowledge of governmental and business cultures, in The Netherlands, Africa, Eastern Europe and (central) Asia. 

Key competences and experience

Competencies: Public sector reform and performance management; Competence based HRM; Capacity building; Organisational development and change management; Strategic planning and project development; Design and implementation of post-academic professional training programmes; International cooperation; public leadership; communication framework development; organisational review of public institutions. 

Country Experience: Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia, South Africa, Tanzania, Indonesia and South-Sudan. 

Email: marc@psc2.nl

Berry is our Information analist and programmer.

He holds a Master in Dutch Language and Literature and a Bachelor in Psychology, at Leiden University (1984 – 1989). Driven by a fundamental interest in human processes related to semantics and logical data structures, he developed a broad knowledge and skills in computers and their languages, with a strong preference for the Ruby on Rail web development platform. He’s the nerd who also  speaks ordinary human words (occasionally) and comes in when a business idea needs to be transformed into bits and bytes. Berry developed customised software for several medium sized commercial companies.

Email: berry@psc2.nl


Public Sector Capacity Center

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